ZBB – My Old Man

Music is a powerful art form…two or three seconds of a song and I’m instantly transported to a different place and time where I first heard the song, or have a impactful memory attached to it. And while I enjoy upbeat happy tunes, meaningful lyrics can make me stop in my tracks. And that’s just what this song does for me. Maybe it’s because I lost Dad in June, but “My Old Man” hits me right in the feels.

My Dad was a larger than life figure – from the way he would tell a story, his smile, his swagger, and the way he would work a crowd at a concert. Radio was his profession, and I followed in his footsteps trying to work as hard as he did.  Growing up I would spend my weekends with Dad at radio station events, and days off from school were spent in the studio just observing him and helping out whenever I could.

Any relationship is complicated, and I would love to say that Dad & I always saw eye to eye, but that’s not what happened. There were years where we weren’t that close due to his second wife, and my desire to live closer to my family in New Jersey & Pennsylvania. But I would not be who I am today were it not for him.

So thank you Zac Brown Band for a great song, and for another reason to think of Dad. And make sure you call your Dad today if you can…you never know when you won’t have that again.

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