Why Fix Stuff?

Sometime last week, after tearing apart the dash of the Lincoln to replace a headlamp switch, I remarked to Mica how much of a pain it is to get my bear paw sized hands in small places on most modern cars. Which begged the question from her…”why do it if you end up with banged up hands and waste your time?”

I hate to boil it down to “stupid guy thing” like refusing to ask for directions, but I come from a long line of people who only took their car to the shop when it was something you lacked the tools to fix yourself (or tires). Transmission work, etc. Brake line blew? Go to the store and use the pipe bender to fashion a new length to match the old. My Dad and my Pap never took a car to the shop – Grandpa Scholar did all the electrical work in the house, as well as the plumbing and painting.

So why don’t I give in and just take it to the shop? In many cases I do – Allen over at Leatherneck Auto takes care of my fleet when I lake the time (or tools) to fix something and I want it done right. But I’m not exactly John D. Rockefeller, so I can’t afford to in some cases – and I get a sense of satisfaction and pride knowing I fixed something. But unlike Al Bundy, I’m smart enough to know when you should call in a professional. So thanks to Allen for being there when I’m stumped (or know enough to not tear into something when it’s going to end up worse).

But electronics? NEVER! The most I’ll do is Google…I’m dangerous with a soldering iron 🙂


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