What To Do About Allergies.

Allergies! This spring has been brutal. I don’t have “allergies” as such, but this spring has hit me a little. My wife on the other hand suffers from them. Even Cadillac Jack recently posted about how miserable he is. While there isn’t a cure, there are some things you can do to ease the discomfort a little bit. Many of them are common sense, so here goes.

There are over the counter meds and also the neti pot (which I love) and if they work for you, great! You should try and avoid the outdoors in the morning. That is when pollen is at it’s highest. Dry and breezy days are the worst. A large brimmed hat and sunglasses will keep large amounts of pollen away from your face and eyes.

Shower at night. Was the pollen off of you so you can at least get a good nights rest.

Pollen will be at it’s lowest after a good rain. So if you have things to do outdoors and wait till a good rain comes and goes, all the better.

Lastly, keep your home and car closed up. Use the AC to keep your air as clean as you can. This also means keeping your homes filters clean. They suggest cleaning or changing them every 30 days. During high pollen times do that a little more frequently.

None of this is earth shattering revelations, but every little bit helps.

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