What is the Stupidest check you ever received?

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Saw an article the other day where a guy in Mass. received a check from the U.S. Government for 2 cents! Best part is he has no idea why. He’d already received his tax refund and his pension. Of course if it’s a mistake and he cashes it, the Government could come back  and demand he refund the 2 cents. Which of course would cost a LOT of money what with serving papers, lawyers involved and all that because you know the Government wouldn’t just call him and ask for their 2 cents back. Of course it also COST a lot more than 2 cents to mail him the check. SO rather than cash it, he is going to spend $82.00 to have it FRAMED.

I can beat that. This is a copy of a check I received when I was working in Cleveland!

Yep, a check for ZERO Dollars and ZERO cents.  I have no idea why, and they couldn’t tell me! So what do you do with a check for ZERO? Well, I tried to cash it! I sent it to the bank. They were really confused and sent it back to me.

What is the stupidest check you’ve ever received? I’m curious, so post your stories.


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