How to turn THIS into a delicious cake!

Crystal brought this in along with some Apple Pie Oreos (not their best effort) and Tropickles, pickles in fruit juice (not a favorite either), but the Jello pudding can be turned into a fantastic cake.

As my wife, Melinda dictated you need 3 boxed of any flavor instant pudding (but some are better than others, Pistachio  is excellent!)

A box of yellow cake mix

1 cup AND 1 table spoon of veg. oil

4 eggs

Mix all that in a bowl. Yep, it’s supposed to be clumpy.

Take 1 CUP of BOILING water and pour it in and stir it all up.

Pour all that into a greased and flour coated bundt pan.

bake for 55 minutes at 350, let cool a few minutes and turn over onto a plate.  It’s delicious!!!


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