Tuesday is a PINK moon? What the heck is that?

We recently had a Black Moon, that is the 2nd new moon in a month. We’ve all heard of the Blue Moon, the 2nd full moon in a month. There is another definition of a Blue Moon, it’s the 3rd full moon when there are 4 full moons in a 1/4 of a year. Lets stick with the first one, there is less math involved.

So what the heck is a Pink Moon? Well, it’s not pink in color. It is named for a pink flower that blooms in spring. Like all the “moon names” this goes back to Native Americans the Wild Ground Phlox in bloom marked the beginning or spring SO the full moon is April is the Pink Moon.

So in a sense it’s just another full moon. If you are so inclined to see the full moon at it fullest, you’ll want to be outside about 10 pm or so. Interestingly that is also the date that the sunset and moonrise occur almost simultaneously, so there’s some useless knowledge to drop on someone when the conversation is lagging.


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