The Mom-Car

Sigh.. This has been my biggest issue since becoming a mom. Sounds dumb.. But I was a car girl. A souped up, modified, racing car girl. That’s not the car I had.. But it’s close, I had a lowered silver celica.. Carbon fiber hood, custom head & taillights, rims, seats.. the whole 9 yards.. Then.. I got pregnant with my first son. I’m well aware this was now like 8 years ago and I still miss that car.. but having to switch from that.. to something that fits cars seats.. Is rough LOL!! I STILL can’t find THAT right vehicle. Which now that I have 2 sons.. is basically that right SUV. I have been through 3 or 4 cars since I had kids.. which isn’t normal for me. I have that itch again… I want something.. But I don’t know what.. I don’t want to go bankrupt trying to buy something insanely expensive either.. MOMs.. Parents.. What do you have that you love??

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