What about Southern Charm North Carolina?!

I have recently fallen in love with the show Southern Charm on Bravo. I mean, honestly, who doesn’t love Charleston, SC?! I have never really jumped on the Real Housewives bandwagon but this show could be my new secret addiction. Season 4 premiered tonight and will be binging later! But now they have a spin off series called Southern Charm Savannah! I LOVE Savannah!! Let me list all the ways I love Savannah in fact here are a few pics!

We have a group of sister stations there!

Here is one of my girls and I on the beautiful River St!


On the river walk! #savannah #riverwalk #girlsnightout

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I wish I had more pictures but unfortunately I wasn’t taking to many considering it was my besties’ bachelorette party!! Savannah is the Mecca of bachelor and bachelorette parties, there was so many bride to be ladies running around!! Of course everyone was dressed up with shot glasses and lots of pink. River St. is pretty fun considering its where a lot of the bars are and you can walk around with a drink, like New Orleans!! Also big plus Paula Dean’s resturant, Lady and Sons, is there and my goodness. The food is simply AMAZING!! Southern Charm Savannah starts May 8th!

So I can see why they would pick that city to add to the Southern Charm series but what about North Carolina?!?! We have some classy cities. Of course these series follow wealthy people that are in high society and that can certainly be found here in New Bern and Wilmington. The history and all the historic buildings, homes, and grounds here in New Bern would definitely show cause that Southern Charm aspect. Wilmington would as well and with the movie history and past with Wilmington would draw anyone in and Wilmington is always a good time. The Azalea festival is the perfect example of the standards of Southern Charm. BRAVO lets meet up I’ll pitch North Carolina to you 😉





How did we not see Dustin’s hints?!