Cadillac Jack

List of stuff you might not know about me:

  • Tried out for the New England Patriots
  • Puts on a toupee and plays John Candy at “Uncle Buck” conventions
  • Once told a female rock star she looked like Col. Klink from Hogan’s Hereos
  • Does not drive a Cadillac, but a 85 Chevy Celebrity

Only one of the above is true – I really do have a thing for Caddies (my current ride is a 06 CTS with more miles on it than I care to see), back when I had hair I was told I looked like John Candy, and while I am a diehard Pats fan, I am horrible at playing sports. Shoot me an email here if you want to say hi!

ZBB - My Old Man

Music is a powerful art form…two or three seconds of a song and...


Just in time for all those pesky New Year’s Resolutions to go by...