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Full Name: Crystal Legends

What do/did your friends call you: many things.. but the nicest is my name :)
Hometown: Akron, Ohio
First Celebrity Crush: Joe.. from NKOTB - thats embarassing
Favorite comfort food. pizza.. or cheese covered fries... or garlic bread..hmm I'm hungry
First thing you would do if you won the lottery I think I would basically do all this at the same time: Set up a very nice life for my sons
Describe your perfect sundae: anything with mint or cookie dough
Preferred beverage: wine ;)
Favorite part of the chicken: any fried part
Favorite cartoon as a kid: My mind said fraggle rock.. but that's not a cartoon.. umm.. Smurfs
How do you like your steak: Medium to Medium Well
Most embarrassing moment: Seriously.. There are sooo many.. Ummm I fell face first into dirt in the most ungracious way while in E.C.U. checkin out this hot frat boy.. who obviously was not impressed
Birthday and Sign: Sept - Virgo
Best time of the year for you: Christmas is my fav.. I still sleep by the tree
What is your favorite sport? Football.. and Hockey !!
Weirdest on-air experience: Stalkers.. they always brighten the day
Best on-air experience: Anything that makes people smile!!
First paying job outside of the farm, mowing grass, or babysitting: I was a cashier at Harris Teeter .. and loved it haha
Things you hide when company comes over: diapers, clothes that were thrown on the floor and anything my kids put out that tries to kill people as they trip over it

Guilty Pleasure: wine.. so far that's the answer to two questions.. lets see how many that can land
Worst movie ever saw: I've blocked it from my memory
Cat, Dog, or other: oh.. don't ask me this
Person you’d most like to slap: I have a long... looooonnnnggg list.. all equal

If you could text one thing to your ex-boss, what would you say: MONKEY! (dont' ask haha)
Theme song that should play when you enter a room: Gunpowder n Lead bahahaha
Celebrity/Country Music Star you’d most like to be stranded on an island with: Sonny from General Hospital .. amen

Most over-used expression:  hoody doo.. I put that in everything
Greatest Super hero: is there any competition? BATMAN
What were your aspirations before you became a DJ: I didn't have any others.. it was this.. or law school ( I love a good arguement.. and I love winning)




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