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When you can't catch me at WRNS, you will most likely find me helping my wife referee the house; 3 kids, (4 including me if you ask my wife) plus 2 dogs and 3 cats; It's a fun house, and I'm the biggest kid (and that's no lie).  Between my daughter's dance, gymnastics, horseback riding, baseball, plays and school, my son and I never have time to play football or Playstation, but it's all good.  My wife picks up some serious miles on her SUV taxi, four-wheeling, playing and watching any sport; boating and fishing is how I would like to spend my time but, as a parent you know that can't always happen.  WRNS is great and I love the patriotic feeling that we have.  Thank you to all the Armed Forces fighting for our freedom and thank you Eastern Carolina for making me and my family feel right at home!!

Tommy Garrett
Afternoons 3-7pm
Program Director
Music Director

Full Name: Tommy "The Rock" Garrett
What do/did your friends call you: I can't print that!!
Hometown: Kansas City
First Celebrity Crush: Brooke Shields
First thing you would do if you won the lottery: Free concert for underprivileged children followed by multiple FAT checks to numoures local, national, and worldwide charities.
Describe your perfect sundae: Banana, ice cream, whip cream
Preferred Beverage: Dr. Pepper
Favorite part of the chicken: I'm a leg man, but I also love breasts
Favorite cartoon as a kid: Scooby Doo
How do you like your steak: Well done!!
Most embarrassing moment: I got in a wreck on a first date!
3 favorite artists on WRNS right now: Jack Ingram, Lady A, and Jimmy Wayne
Birthday and Sign: March 22/Aries
Best time of the year for you: Fall
What is your favorite sport? A tie: Golf, football, baseball, and basketball
Weirdest on-air experience: Farting on air!
Best on-air experience: St. Jude
First paying job outside of the farm, mowing grass, or babysitting: Stage 3 sounds recording studio
Things you hide when company comes over: My bad habits
Guilty Pleasure: Old time movies
Worst movie ever saw: The Box
Cat, Dog, or other: Both, I love animals; we have 3 cats and 2 dogs!
Person you'd most like to slap: Myself!!
Favorite artist of all time: Billy Joel, Frank Sinatra, and Dean Martin
If you could text one thing to your ex-boss, what would you say: Thank you for the experience and your expertise.
Theme song that should play when you enter a room: "I'm Too Sexy For My Shirt"
Celebrity/Country Star you'd most like to be stranded on an island with: I'll get back to you on that...
Best Facebook/Twitter/text you've gotten lately: any of Jimmy Wayne's jokes!
Best concert you've attended as a Jock: Taylor Swift
Most over-used expression: I love you
I curse the day I was introduced to this by this person because now I can't live without it: French Silk ice cream
Greatest Super Hero: Batman
What were your aspirations before you became a DJ: To run the world!!!

Tommy and one of his favs, Jack Ingram at the 1st Ever WRNS Guitar Pull

Tommy and Steel Magnolia at the Guitar Pull

Email Me at tommy@wrns.com

Check out the videos of Tommy at Bank of America Stadium!


Station WRNS is proud to be part of radio’s long tradition of fostering local music talent and bringing new entertainment to the public. Tommy Garrett, Station WRNS’ program director, is a new and very promising song writer whose work is featured from time to time on the Station. Currently, Tommy Garrett’s song “Don’t Give Up On Me” recorded by The Lost Trailers can be heard on our air.



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