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Well, if you’re bored enough to log on I’ll tell you a little bit about myself. I’m from Cleveland, Ohio and a long suffering Browns, Indians and Cavs fan. I’ve spent my entire career in Country music. I’ve won the CMA Personality of the year and been a runner up 5 times, along with a few other awards. I love to golf, sail, ride my Harley Ultra Classic and ski. My wife Melinda and I have been married 30 years and have 2 daughters. One teaches 4th grade near Charlotte and the other is in radio, doing a morning show in Springfield, MO.  After a lifetime of Cleveland winters, I’m looking forward to almost year round golf and riding and not much shoveling. The Carolina coast is a place we’ve wanted to live for a while so coming to WRNS is very exciting to us.

Check out my website if you want to learn more!

Full Name:  Jim Mantel

What do/did your friends call you:  Jim

Hometown:Cleveland, Ohio

First Celebrity Crush:Farrah Fawcett

Favorite comfort food:pizza and beer

First thing you would do if you won the lottery:Buy a sailboat and take off

Describe you perfect sundae:A mountain of ice cream and Hot Fudge

Preferred beverage:Water/Vodka or Cabernet

Favorite part of the chicken:the whole thing. God did his best work that day

Favorite cartoon as a kid:Bugs Bunny Road Runner

How do you like your steak:Medium

Most embarrassing moment:having a bowling ball handcuffed to me at our wedding

3 favorite artists on WRNS right now:Lady A/ George Strait/Darius Rucker

Birthday and Sign: Sept. 18  Virgo

Best time of the year for you:  Fall

What is your favorite sport?To watch baseball to play golf

Weirdest on-air experience:A freak show guy who shoved a tube up his nose and into his stomach. Girlfriend then pumped blue water into his stomach through tube, then sucked it out and drank it with all kinds of stuff floating in it. Larry The Cable Guy was in the studio and was rendered speechless.

Best on-air experience:Helping people who are devastated by something in their life.

First paying job outside of the farm, mowing grass, or babysitting:auto Mechanic

Things you hide when company comes over:stuff we had to move to put out the stuff they gave us because we normally hid that stuff

Guilty Pleasure:Wipeout

Worst movie ever saw:"The Best Indian"..Don’t ask

Cat, Dog, or other:  Dog

Person you’d most like to slap:Lindsay Lohan / Everyone on the View

Favorite artist of all time: Martina McBride

If you could text one thing to your ex-boss, what would you say:And you said I couldn’t get ratings on a Country station.

Theme song that should play when you enter a room:Old Time Rock n Roll

Celebrity/Country Music Star you’d most like to be stranded on an island with:Kathy Mattea…or Toby Keith (he has his own tequila)

Best Facebook/Twitter/text you’ve gotten lately:why are we saving daylight when the weather’s too crappy to enjoy it.

Best concert you’ve attended as a Jock:Vince Gill

Most over-used expression:“whatever” and “like.”

I curse the day I was introduced to this by this person because now I can’t live without it:my neighbor’s steak rub

Greatest Super hero: superman

What were your aspirations before you became a DJ:To not have to “work” for a living

Taylor and I fighting...my daughter was trying to keep the peace.


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