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Thank you to everyone at Gold's Gym in Jacksonville for all of their support on my weight loss journey!  You can begin yours too...trust me, it's worth it!  It has literally changed my life. :)  Call them at 910-347-8880...if you're already a member, I'll see you there!

So there is a lot I could tell you about myself, but I thought this might be a little more fun.  Just a couple quick notes, though.  I love to laugh (and I do it often.  Trust me, you’ll know when you hear it, it’s loud and crazy!)  I am definitely a mamma’s girl.  I listen to every type of music you can think of and I love almost all types of media.   I am originally from West Virginia, so I am quite the country girl.  Email me or just give me a ring from 10:30a to 3:00p!!  You could call after 3p, but I don’t know if Tommy loves to talk about me as much as I do, hahaha.  Thanks for listening and making me feel so welcome!!


Thank you to Lindsay Moore Photography of Greenville for my amazing pictures!

Full Name: Carletta Kay Blake
What do/did your friends call you: Letta usually

Hometown: Point Pleasant, WV
First Celebrity Crush: Jonathan Taylor Thomas…JTT baby! haha
Favorite comfort food. Ice cream, definitely
First thing you would do if you won the lottery I think I would basically do all this at the same time: pay off all my bills, give some to my mom and grandma, and take a long sabbatical. 
Describe your perfect sundae: Banana split
Preferred beverage: Ice tea
Favorite part of the chicken: The breast is the best!
Favorite cartoon as a kid: Oh this is hard…probably Fog Horn Leg Horn
How do you like your steak: Medium
Most embarrassing moment: Just one? Um….breaking my nose at the Regatta the summer before my 9th grade year. In my defense, it wasn’t my fault that the pole was in the perfect spot, my eyes were closed, and I was ducking because someone was spraying silly string in my hair. Oh yeah…
3 favorite artists on WRNS right now: Lady Antebellum, Jason Aldean, and Taylor Swift
Birthday and Sign: May 27th - Gemini
Best time of the year for you: I love me some Christmas…but fall and spring are awesome times of the year.
What is your favorite sport? I really love baseball and I was a hardcore cheerleader in high school, so I count that as a sport. I still love to watch nationals on tv…we were national champs when I cheered on my All Star squad!!
Weirdest on-air experience: Having a woman call me and tell me the only reason I liked being on the air was so I could be surrounded by a bunch of men. I apparently am a hussy who thinks very highly of myself and loves attention…who knew? LOL
Best on-air experience: This year’s St. Jude Radiothon. I am so grateful for everyone who donated and so proud of all the WRNS staff for working so hard!
First paying job outside of the farm, mowing grass, or babysitting: I worked at the K-Café at K-Mart when I was 16…talk about a glamorous job…
Things you hide when company comes over: Can I say my entire house? I am a horrible house keeper!
Guilty Pleasure: Dawson’s Creek…I totally don’t care who knows! I love it!
Worst movie ever saw: Slither…it is horrible goodness all rolled into one!
Cat, Dog, or other: I like ‘em both!
Person you’d most like to slap: Tommy Garrett - HAHA only kidding!  :)
Favorite artist of all time: Oh my…that’s hard. I love Tonic and Sister Hazel a lot…
If you could text one thing to your ex-boss, what would you say: I hope I get to see you soon! Why do you have to live so far away again?... (I am really good friends with my ex-boss)
Theme song that should play when you enter a room: Theme song from Will & Grace
Celebrity/Country Music Star you’d most like to be stranded on an island with: Joshua Jackson…again, goes back to Dawson’s Creek!
Best Facebook/Twitter/text you’ve gotten lately: I get so many, it’s so hard to choose… from my friend Keely “tired of finding and touching up spots we missed while painting our bedroom. thats it, no more touch ups. the rest just get strategically placed pictures. like the spot about a foot off the floor and in the corner, perfect place for a picture!” and from Townsley “There is no emotion that properly displays the "Oh My God, Nature!" face...so, I leave you with: T-Rex arms. :-)” I could just go on…
Best concert you’ve attended as a Jock: That’s hard…I will say Rascal Flatts and Taylor Swift.
Most over-used expression: “God Bless America” I say that when I’m stressed out or shocked, which seems to be often anymore…
Greatest Super hero: I love Batman and the X-Men
What were your aspirations before you became a DJ: I hadn’t quite figured it out yet, but something to do with theatre.


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