Mystery Voice with your chance to WIN Devin Dawson’s debut album, Dark Horse

Devin Dawson’s debut album comes with his current radio single, All On Me, which you have heard on WRNS.

Devin has start his music career in rock with a small rock band but eventually branched out on his own in country. But with his music career changes he had one person by his side from to country, his TWIN brother! Yes ladies, there is two of them! His twin was in his rock band and has helped produce music on his debut album.

Devin co-wrote all of his song for his debut album. The title song of the album, Dark Horse, almost didn’t make the cut but it was last song he wrote and the most personal song he wrote for his album, hince the name of the album! There is 12 songs on the track list.

  1. Dip
  2. All On Me
  3. Asking For a Friend
  4. Second To Last
  5. Symptoms
  6. I Don’t Care Who Sees
  7. Secondhand Hurt
  8. Placebo
  9. War Paint
  10. I Can’t Trust Myself
  11. Prison
  12. Dark Horse