How Much Have You LOST in the Lottery?

If you play the lottery religiously, then you would know if you won. But if you play a little more IN frequently but you always play the same numbers, what MIGHT you have won if you played all the time?

Well, here’s how to find out. You can put in the numbers you came up from Birthdays, lucky sports jersey numbers or whatever.  Below is a link, enter your numbers. It will tell you all the matches you’ve had going back to 1997. Then you have to do a little math to figure out how much you would have won.

Feel free to let me know how much you would have won… or not.

HOW DO I FIND OUT?  for some reason it won’t post the link, so copy and paste it.

To figure out how much you might have won, use this link


Can’t wait to hear what you would have won!.


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