McDonald’s Rolls Out A New Look and People Care!

McDonald’s rolled out some new uniforms. Not they first time they have done that, in fact here’s a little video they put with McDonald’s uniforms through the years.

What I find amazing is how much people CARE! I blame the internet. No one REALLY cares about what the guy or girl behind the counter is wearing, I just want them to get my order right and as quickly as possible.  McDonald’s says they were designed by some big time designer (designs for Will Smith and Ellen among others) and have comfort, functionality and professionalism in mind.

The internet however decided they looked rather like Sci Fi costumes or dystopian films and TV shows.  Again, if you don’t have to wear it why chime in? Frankly I’d rather wear what they rolled out than the old white shirt and tie like the picture at the top of the page.


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