I Wish For…

I’m a pretty lucky guy in that I get to travel for work on occasion – it was on one of those trips I finally got to taste what my California friends told me was missing from my life…In-n-Out Burgers! And they were right – not that I’m a food snob, but they were the best tasting fast food burgers I have ever had. So I stumbled on this article talking about regional chains that should go national. Here’s my top 5

  1. Wawa – what I miss the most about leaving New Jersey, aside from the shore. Gas and fresh hoagies?! Yes!
  2. In-n-Out – they really do live up to the hype. And yes, “animal style” is mandatory.
  3. Whataburger – a close second to In-n-Out when it comes to burgers, but they have better fries. And breakfast!
  4. Char-Grill – a treat whenever I go to Raleigh. Can they please open one out East?
  5. White Castle – the crinkle cut fries and sliders are heaven. Another place I enjoy when back home in NJ

So…what do you wish for here in ENC?

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