Holy Crap I’m in the Country Radio Hall Of Fame in Nashville

On June 21st I was inducted into the Country Radio Hall Of Fame along with 3 others. The late Linda Lee from Detroit, the late Joe Wade Formicola also from Detroit but spent a lot time in Raleigh too and a morning show from Colorado made up the class of 2017.  To say it’s an honor to be included in a place with so may great broadcasters is an understatement! I’m into my 4th decade of doing this for a living and all I’ve done for the most part is have fun.

Here is a short video that was made for me by Mike Monaco (Black Mike to Luke Bryan fans) who was an intern for me years ago. Mike now has a film company in Nashville and does video work for a lot of artists and has directed music videos for Luke and Cole Swindell among others. Mike came to the ceremony, put a mic on me and followed me around and put this together.


Several people have asked me if there is video of the ceremony. Not the whole thing but there a video my daughter Kristen took. If you want to see the induction and my speech here it is. They told me I had 8-10 minutes. I went a little long but when you get THAT reaction from a crowd of people in the industry, you have to tell the story behind it!!  (I don’t know it starts in the middle,  you’ll have to drag it back to the beginning.)




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