You should be Front Porch Sittin :)

Your home’s condition is not a pre-requisite to trading it in. However, the condition of your home can impact your trade-in options as you and your family search for your new dream home! Check out these tips and more from Clayton Homes!

Some of the factors that your local home center may look at and consider include:

  • Will the home center have to replace the carpet?
  • Will the home center have to paint the walls?
  • Will the home center need to paint the ceiling?
  • Will the home center need to run new plumbing?
  • Does all the electrical wiring work?
  • Are the appliances still in good condition?
  • Are all the windows intact?
  • Are there any major air leaks?
  • Is your heat pump or water heater still there?
  • Are there any leaks in the roof?


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