Five seconds?!

That’s the attention span Millennials (my generation) have for ads, says comScore CEO. “Millennials are spending the majority of their online time on mobile, according to the new study. Millennials said they spent 61 percent in smartphone apps and 8 percent on the mobile web. A quarter of their time was on desktop, and just 5 percent was spent on tablets.”

Here’s the thing – I have vivid memories of my grandfather wearing out the remote control the SECOND that a commercial would come on. Drove my grandmother nuts trying to watch TV…and he was a Baby Boomer! I don’t think my generation is any less impatient…we are just the first ones who have the tech to skip/ignore/bypass commercials. If gramps had TiVo, he wouldn’t watch commercials either!

Unless they were decent ones, like this Crazy Eddie ad. Those were worth the 60 seconds


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