Father’s Day

Father’s Day didn’t really have that much meaning for me up until last year….I lost Dad the week before, and was still reeling from everything that had happened. It’s been a year, and time has a way of giving you some perspective – hindsight being 20/20 and all. But I now have a better appreciation for Dad – and really enjoy hearing stories about everyone else’s dad, and how much they have affected their lives.

So with that, I give you the various pearls of wisdom from my Dad – I hope you find them useful, or at least amusing

  • “Women are like a bus – as soon as one goes, another one comes along”
  • “It’s not how you mess up, but how you recover” (VERY useful in radio)
  • “No use crying over spilt milk”
  • “It’s whiskey under the bridge”
  • “Broke as a joke, and can’t afford to laugh”
  • “Wish in one hand, *blank* in the other, and see which one gets filled first”

What sage words of wisdom did your Dad say to you growing up?

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