Do You Know Your Coworkers?

I was talking to Crystal the other day when the topic of college came up, and she was kinda shocked to find out that I actually have a bachelor’s degree (majored in Communications with a minor in radio & TV from Rider University in NJ). Now, I don’t have my diploma tacked up at the station but I thought I had mentioned it a time or two before. Or it could be that radio is one of the few places left where you really don’t need a degree to excel in (at least as a personality – management they like you to have the sheep skin). So that got me thinking, what other things would your coworkers be surprised to find out about you? Here’s my quick list:

  1. I played soccer as a kid for a few years. I was awful, except as the goalie – but mom wanted me to get out and socialize as well as get some exercise. Haven’t played organized sports since
  2. Despite being a Chrome Dome now, when I was in high school and early in college I had a Roy Orbison/Elvis pompadour thing going on. I still miss it after all these years
  3. I was in a elementary and middle school for gifted & talented kids (not Sheldon, but smarter than the average bear). Sadly Moms hopes were dashed when I went into the family biz of radio.
  4. A family friend offered me assistance if I chose to go to law school and become a lawyer – something about having the gift of gab and being able to argue…but I didn’t want to go thru school for so many years. I did take law courses in college as electives and they were some of the most interesting classes I took.

Hopefully you learned something cool about me…now go ask your coworkers about ¬†themselves!


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