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Watch this whale mess with these little kids...Like he's their crazy Uncle Larry!!

Aug 22, 2014 -- 4:43am

This whale in an aquarium in Conn. knows how to push the buttons of little kids. He is just flat our screwing with them, and it's hysterical




They say dogs don't know guilt and innocence... Hard to prove that by Rooney!!!

Aug 22, 2014 -- 4:20am

Read last week that experts say dogs don't know "guilt." Oh yeah? Watch Rooney here!!!  lol




Shark Vs Grouper... Who ya got??

Aug 21, 2014 -- 8:04am

This is kind of amazing.. Nature, circle of life, Grouper V Shark.. place your bets and hit play..





President GW Bush takes the Ice Bucket Challenge..with a little help

Aug 21, 2014 -- 5:04am

Former President GW Bush put a fun twist on the Ice Bucket Challenge.. Well, actually it was Laura who provides the humor...




I'm embarrassed to post this... BUT

Aug 21, 2014 -- 4:43am

This is actually a public service post. KIDS, next time your mom or dad does something that embarrasses you SO MUCH that are just sure you will never have

another friend as long as you live...remember the kids in this video. No matter what your parents may do, it can not be as humiliating as being in this video..

Chin up, cheers...Be BRILLIANT!!!






Y'know how YOU feel in the morning when the alarm goes off...?

Aug 20, 2014 -- 5:47am

Usually it's the dog who is waking you up before the alarm clock. Not THIS GUY!! He hates the alarm as much as you and I, and reacts about the same too!!!





Worst Ice Bucket challenge (that we can play)

Aug 20, 2014 -- 4:32am

There are many have tried and FAILED the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.. Many are very entertaining, but sadly include lots of bad words that we can't post here..

This one is pretty typical of a FAIL...and very funny!!


Men trying to understand women.. Crazy/Hot Matrix

Aug 06, 2014 -- 7:07am

This is funny... and dead on!!!  Caution.. there is a bad word that starts with B at the end. If that will bother you, move on..nothing to see here. You've been warned!





An AMAZINGLY entertaining way to announce some great news..

Aug 06, 2014 -- 5:07am

You HAVE to watch this.. This is great. I don't want to say any more because they end is the best... 




How'd ya like to have THIS GUY for a neighbor...

Aug 06, 2014 -- 4:46am

Gotta love the guy still passed out on the floor!!





Man trying to video tape lightning...gets a close up.

Aug 05, 2014 -- 5:25am

When it's lightning you seek shelter..unless you're THIS GUY, then you stand out there tying to catch it on video... He did!!!





Man trying to video tape lightning...gets a close up.

Aug 05, 2014 -- 5:25am

When it's lightning you seek shelter..unless you're THIS GUY, then you stand out there tying to catch it on video... He did!!!





Ghost (or something) attack a news crew...

Aug 05, 2014 -- 5:07am

Do YOU beleive in ghosts, spirits etc? This news crew does after doing a story on a house and being attacked by a spriit!!





Taylor Swift took time out to visit a 6 yr old cancer patient at Boston Hospital...

Aug 05, 2014 -- 4:43am

Jordan is 6 and fighting cancer. He loves a couple things, Spiderman and Taylor Swift. Both visted him!!! Here is video of Taylor hanging and singing with Jordan, who told her ALL about Spiderman!!





Dog trying to eat and bird will NOT SHUT UP!!!

Aug 04, 2014 -- 4:34am

It's just like breakfast at my house! Trying to eat and get ready and blah blah blah blah.. Oh, did I say that outloud?! Eeeeek.. Um... Enjoy the video.






Dog Vs Flying Shark!!!

Jul 31, 2014 -- 4:42am

Very Funny.. DOg V Flying Shark... Who ya got?



Lingerie Football provides Best TD celebration yet..

Jul 30, 2014 -- 4:53am

How much would the NFL fine a  receiver if they did this after a TD??





Kitchen utensils are also used to keep rhythm!!!

Jul 29, 2014 -- 6:22am

We've all used a spoon or fork as a drumstick.. but are you THIS good??!!






Dog PASSES OUT from excitement when seeing owner after 2 years...

Jul 28, 2014 -- 7:08pm

This is CRAZY! We've seen lots of pets reunited with family members coming home from deployments, but this one takes the cake. This women had been in Slovenia for 2 years...and she returned home much to the excitement of her dog who actually passes out! They were concerned that Casey had a heart attack or a stroke. They vet checked Casey out and said everything was fine. Casey was just that excited to see her!




Game Of Thrones BLOOPER reel..

Jul 28, 2014 -- 5:05am

It's not all blood and guts and gore on Game Of Thrones...They screw up and laught too...





Hangovers can make you snore funny...

Jul 28, 2014 -- 4:36am

This guy sounds like a .99 cent drug store plastic trumpet when he snores...




Myrtle Beach Pelicans GM gets prostate exam while singing take me out to the ballgame!!!

Jul 25, 2014 -- 5:00am

We told you the other day this was happening..and it did. Myrtle Beach Pelicans GM Andy Milovich got a prostate exam on raise cancer awareness night at the ol' ballpark. He got it during the 7th inning strecth WHILE leading the crowd in the iconic song. They filmed him from the shoulders up singing for the big screen!





THIS is BRILLIANT!!! How to fill water balloons!!

Jul 24, 2014 -- 7:55am

A dad (probably tired of filling balloons one at a time) figured out a BRILLIANT way to make 100 water balloons per minute.. 







Jul 22, 2014 -- 5:44am

We have a new submisison to the WRNS SIGN POLICE. Remember if you see a sign somewhere with a mis spelled word, snap a pic and send it to jim@wrns.com

This is from Grifton...




Cat VS Mirror... Who ya got?

Jul 22, 2014 -- 5:00am

This cat is confused and fascinated by itself in the mirror and is VERY entertaining!!





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