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This little girl is going to be a handful!! I'm going to take a rest...then I'm going to be upset!

Mar 26, 2015 -- 4:43am

Think she will be easy to deal with when she is, say 15?






Another wonderful moment in TV news. Rooster scares, no TERRIFIES reporter who is doing a story on...THE ROOSTER!!

Mar 25, 2015 -- 4:41am

Another great moment in the superficial, hard hitting arena of TV news...





BORED? Have some extra time? You could do THIS!!

Mar 25, 2015 -- 4:37am

So, if you have some spare time and are looking to fill it up...This may be for YOU. First you need $100,000 to buy some Legos with. THEN you build things to recreate scenes from hit movies, like Jurassic Park. There, no you're not bored anymore!





How Many water balloons will a 44 magnum blast apart?

Mar 23, 2015 -- 7:30am

There are 10 balloons each filled with water hanging in a row. Our guy is going to fire  a .44 magnum into them. How many of the 10 will the bullet blast to smithereens?

Place your bets and go to the video!!






New MI 5 trailer... Tom hangs of the side of an airplane....cuz, that can happen I guess

Mar 23, 2015 -- 4:51am

If you didn't see it on TV over the weekend, the new MI 5 trailer has been released and it features Tom Cruise hanging off the side of an airplane!!





Cops "dispose" of Illegal Fireworks.. and it is AWESOME1!

Mar 19, 2015 -- 4:55am

Police in Midalnd, Texas had about 20,000 POUNDS of illegal fireworks they needed to dispose of. Luckily for us one of them apparently had a match or a lighter AND someone else had a video camera... Enjoy!!!






Howie Mandel's house TP'd...with 4,000 rolls!!

Mar 17, 2015 -- 4:47am

Watch the video.. THIS is how you TP a house!! (if you have someone else paying for the TP!)





Traffic reporter has an accident of her own...

Mar 16, 2015 -- 5:04am

Watch as she steps back and.....oooops..





Kevin BACON is doing ads for EGGS (can't believe it's taken this long)

Mar 16, 2015 -- 4:51am

I am stunned that it has taken the egg people all this time to get Kevin Bacon to be the pitchman for eggs. However it is worth wait, this is HYSTERICAL!!!






Dear boy who likes my daughter.... a video from a mom

Mar 16, 2015 -- 4:01am

This mom made a video to the kid who won't leave her daughter alone. He keeps asking her out and mom is upset.




Blake joins Miranda on stage in their Hometown.. Crowd LOSES IT!!!

Mar 08, 2015 -- 6:39pm

Friday Night Miranda was working close to home, playing in Ok. City. Blake joined her for God Gave Me You...


Parenting tips from Taylor Swift...sort of.

Mar 03, 2015 -- 4:45am

Can't get your baby to stop crying? Have you tried a dose of T Swift? Apparently, it works,..






Man has seizure while sky diving.. Instructor saves his life!!!

Mar 02, 2015 -- 5:03am

eeeeek.. Of all the things that can go wrong skydiving, you wouldn't think seizure would be one of them... Fortunately the instructor saved his life!!!





Guy tries breaking into car with a brick....Car fights back and WINS!!!

Mar 02, 2015 -- 4:59am

Just not his day.. About 28 seconds in he tries smashing the window with a brick.. You'll LOVE what happens next!!




Llama on the Loose, hard to Llasso a Llama!!

Feb 27, 2015 -- 5:01am

If you haven't heard a couple of therapy animals that happened to be Llamas got loose on the west side of Phoenix yesterday.. It turned into a circus, so much so that the video has not been put to music... I would have preferred the Benny Hill theme, but I didn't have to time to download the video and add the music...so ENJOY





Dierks and Hot CountryKnights...featuring Miranda in 90 glam rock gear singing Shania songs

Feb 27, 2015 -- 4:50am

So a while ago Dierks Bentley and some friends were screwing around and came up with the concept of Hot Country Knights...Charles Kelly is also a part of this. In Nashville right now is a 4 day drunken party called CRS, it's allegedy a radio convention but all anyone does is drink. ANYWAY this happened at the Stage Door where the Hot Country Knights were playing all your 90's favorites... including Miranda in full glam rock gear. It's kinda long and it kinda rambles at the beginning...Enjoy..





NFL players 2 yr old son sings National Anthem!!

Feb 26, 2015 -- 4:38am

Clark Harris plays for the Bengals (long snapper). His 2 yr old son Trent sang the National Anthem at the beginning of a Regional High School Basketball Playoff game in New Jersey...






What the......?

Feb 19, 2015 -- 4:41am

He normally uses his "heads up" motorized toilet in parades. But the snow in Maryland where he lived gave him an idea...Rather than shovel it!!!





Luke gives 21 year old BEST BIRTHDAY EVER!!!

Feb 16, 2015 -- 5:00am

Her sign said "let me drink a beer with you onstage, it's my 21st birthday."






Dad messes up Lyrics to Do You Want To Build A Snowman to agitate his daughter...

Feb 13, 2015 -- 6:35am

It'sone of the great joys of parenting...Messing with your kids... 





Kid plays the repeating game...

Feb 11, 2015 -- 6:21am

It's annoying as all hell when YOUR kid does it, but for some reason she's cute, maybe it's the pudding...





Brett Eldridge singing BANG BANG

Feb 11, 2015 -- 4:59am

He tweeted he was going out to sing Karaoke, and where he was going. LOTS of people showed up, and one captured this gem!




Meanwhile, Thomas Rhett has started closing his shows with Uptown Funk..







A look at Valentine's Day from Jim Gaffigan

Feb 11, 2015 -- 4:50am

Jim makes some valid points here...well, guys will think so.







Miranda's Little Red Wagon from The Grammy's

Feb 09, 2015 -- 5:06am

Here is Miranda's performance that got a BLEEP from the network





Realtor falls into pool while showing house.

Feb 05, 2015 -- 9:26am

Okay.. Probably staged but still funny because no only COULD it happen, it probably has. 





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