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Got the Flu? This might help.. Whiskey Ice Cream!!!

Jan 23, 2013 -- 5:07am

They say it will help clear you up if you have the flu, and Ice Cream ususally does make you feel better... Especially if it's infused with MAKERS MARK WHISKEY!!

Cayenne pepper, ginger, Maker's Mark bourbon, honey, and cold- and flu-fighting orange and lemon juices. Cures whatever ails you.

This is our flu-season fix. It’s proven to clear nasal passages, ease a sore throat, and soothe the body. It’s modeled on the home remedy Jeni's mother and grandmother used to make when anyone in the family was under the weather. Sniffles, aches, and fevers meant one thing: a mug of hot whiskey with honey and lemon juice, then straight to bed.

Only available in our scoop shops and online.


If you think this'll cure what ails ya... click HERE





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