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Another reason to like Blake Shelton...

Oct 01, 2012 -- 4:30am

Saturday was a rainy miserable day in Dallas. There was a fundraiser for the American Cancer Society.. The Cattle Barons ball and Blake Shelton was the headline entertainer. It POURED all day.. The ground was too soft even under tents and the conditions were unsuitable and unsafe. No way Blake's band could set up on a stage IF they could even set up a stage big enough to hold them. (And after the Sugarland incident in Indiana NO ONE is taking chances!!) So per the contract Blake was free to cancel the show, take the money and go...  BUT he DIDN'T.. They threw together a small stage and a PA and out walked Blake with an acoustic guitar and said “I’m not a guitar player at all, I don’t know how to play a lot of my songs. So, y’all are gonna drink and act like you like it and I’m gonna play guitar and act like I’m good at it.

Well according to those who were there he was more than competent at the guitar and he sang and played his butt off and everyone had a great time.. and they raised a BOATLOAD of money. The live auction raised a record $800,000.00 + and factoring in the silent auction the total was $1.2 million and stil climbing. If Balek would have cancelled a lot of those folks would have gone home. Here's a little video of Blake and his guitar.






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