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Lighten up..Week one

Jan 28, 2014 -- 10:20am

I was approached to and did put together a 4 person team for Lighten Up Onslow. A program of Onslow Memorial Hospital. They did this last year too and with great success. So from now till May 9th my team and I are working hard to drop pounds. My blood pressure started tracking high last summer. Not CRITICALLY high, but on the high end of normal. I decided to do something, what though was the question. I HATE to run. I played soccer my whole life, loved the game hated the running.


Swimming is something I've always done well so I started doing that last May. My goal was a mile. I now swim 3-4 times a week anywhere between a mile and a mile and  a half. BUT dropping weight swimming is hard because it makes you hungry. So my challenge is Lighten Up Onslow is to control my diet better and add to my workout to burn more calories and confuse my body a little bit so it doesn’t plateau from just swimming all the time. That means WEIGHTS!!


Lifting was something I did regularly till about 4 years ago and just got away from it. When you start it can HURT! So I read the tips on starting at lightenuponslow.org and factored in what I already knew about it and got started this week. Outside of my hamstrings barking a little bit I not really sore, although after lifting I still jumped in to swim and THAT was a little difficult.


Week one I lost 3 1/3 pounds. Not bad! We started cooking healthier and snacking healthier. G’bye M&M’s, hello fruit and veggies. We found some great recipes on the website including one with cucumbers, dill, cottage cheese and a couple other things that was really good and filling (still not M&M’s..). I love fruit so that’s easy the enchiladas we made were incredible. Eating enchiladas without a Dos Equis however was different.


All in all it’s going well and it’s not too late for you to jump on the bandwagon!!



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