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WRNS Sign Police

Mar 08, 2014 -- 4:00am

We asked you to keep your eyes peeled for misspelled signs and take a picture of them. Send them to jim@wrns.com or Legends@wrns.com and be sure to tell us where you saw it!!!.



This was taken in road construction in Beulaville. Amazing there haven't been any accidents from people struggling to read the sign!!

With Spring come new business and new signs. AND new misspelled signs!                                                                                                         The WRNS sign police are asking you to keep your eyes OPEN!!                                                                                                                         This comes from Rosewood (just west of Goldsboro off 70) and an eagle eyes listener.



This was taken in Selma, NC on Monday!!  Keep those pictures coming!!

My daughter just had a birthday. A friend ordered her a cookie cake. OOOPS!!! (they are getting another one FREE to make up for it)


Apparently one of the things they are selling are "E's," They seem to have too many!

Wait, what word are we contracting here? Move that apostrophe thingy over 1 spot.



I think the Dark ANGLE is even scarier than the Dark ANGEL... ANGLES always scared me in math class, I know that!!!


Hopitality and spelling at it finAST?? LOL


Spotted at the Seafood Festival. Unless the guy SELLING tacos in NAMED Taco, this is just WRONG. Someone needs a proof reader!!


I Can't believe this.. At a WalMart..AND in Morristown, just outside Raleigh..Not THAT far from Chapel Hill!!


What do you get if you spell SWEEPSTAKES backwards? Fired I would think!


I suspect someone in the Newsroom was crunched on a deadline...


Someone must have had a sale on "R's!!" Or the Harris Teeter in New Bern is just showing their Pirate Pride!!

Spotted and snapped in Washington. What kind of meal?


These clear, concise instructions were found on a gas pump in New Bern.


You learn this in 2nd grade. To, two and too. And then the decimal point or lack thereof makes a HUGE difference in the price. Not sure how thirsty I'd have to be to pony up one hundred fifty dollars for a Gatorade!! LOL

This was taken in Kinston... Not sure if they thought the sign was twitter and they had to use 140 characters or less or what! But they sure need a "C."

If you pronounce it phonetically it sounds like you choked on your chew...


My Wife took this one at a yard sale, wonder if they had a dictionary at 1/2 price?

Not sure where this was taken, but hopefully someone got severely disciplined for it!!

This was taken in Kinston. Amazing... It's one thing to handmake a sign and goof up a word. It's ANOTHER when you pay a professional to goof it up!!!


Taken In Wilson...Not sure what they want..Inquire inside?


Taken in Jacksonville. 1st item on the curriculum this school year, work on spelling CHILDREN!


Extra "E's" are VERY popular here in the East...


Taken near Swansoboro... Independent ...??

Taken in Kenansville! I didn't know General Tso's chicken was actually made with PARTS OF THE GENERAL!!!


Spotted on I 95 near the Virginia border... If you were looking to rent some land near there, SORRY


I'm not sure if this means you need to do a cute little "bow" when you get out of your car...? Shot in Greenville.


WE have a lot of signs with extra "E's" in them. He needs to "buy an "A," Unless he's spelling in TEXT spelling!

Okay, I get the cute use of "K's," but the inspires gets flagged..LOL Taken in Snow Hill

Most of these are sent anonymously. But there is little doubt who sent THIS one!! But we hope "colege" pays off!


I can't find the e mail that tells me where this is! Sorry if you're in the market for a few ACERS


Taken at the Naval Hospital at Camp Lejeune. You must have this much booty to enter.

We have LOT of signs that used extra "E's." This one should have bought an "A!"


Here's one with an extra "E." Taken at Topsail Beach.


I'm not even sure what to say about this one, taken in Goldsboro. I know it's SUPPOSED to say FURNITURE... but WOW!!


This may have actually been a POP SPELLING QUIZ for the Grads, to see if they can spot now many misspelled words there are.


Wonder if part of the interview is pointing out that "hiring" is misspelled?


We have no idea how big the sale is, but apparently it's at HUGH'S house..


A inmate area? Only 1 at a time? Taken at the Lenoir County Jail


I'd give them the benifit of the doubt and say they were selling DIAMONDS, but carats would still be wrong. Taken in New Bern


Ummmm... I didn't know Mammary day was thing or that you gave flowers. Taken in Hubert.


Taken in Duplin County, where there is a flourishing Whale business! And they sell them at road side stands!!


Taken at McDonalds in Kinston....


Here's another extra "E." Taken at McGowens in New Bern.


This is a two-fer.. Two mis spelled signs at on place, in Jacksonville.


Taken at the new Lowe's.. a bigger WHAT?

Taken in traffic in Elizabethtown!

I'd like to buy a "C," Pat...Taken in Tarboro. 

Taken in Beulaville, ironically according to the shooter it's spelled right on the sign at the church..Someone should come up with a cute little saying or rhyme to help us remember when the "I" goes before the "E!"

This was spotted at Wendy's in Wilson


This is from Stuckeys on 95 near Rocky Mount


This was spotted near Sneads Ferry



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