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Poem: to the boys who will one day break my daughters heart!! AWESOME!

Apr 16, 2014 -- 4:51am

From a poetry contest...A dad's poem to the boy who will one day break her heart. This is GREAT and funny!!




Best pre-flight announcements ever..Courtesy of Southwest Air.

Apr 15, 2014 -- 4:39am

I love Southwest Airlines, no baggage fees, no pre assigned seats. Get on, take off, land get off and go. AND they don't take themselves to seriously!! You get on a plane and you know that announcement about seat belts and emergency exits is coming, and you keep reading. EXCEPT on SW, because they do stuff like this and you HAVE to listen because it's just funny!!!





Wiener dog stuck in a coat sleeve...

Apr 15, 2014 -- 4:36am

How THE?!! What the?!  What is the wiener dog doing inside a coat?  Before you help it out though, grab the camera and get this on video!!!!






The Prom Corsage you EAT!! From KFC

Apr 14, 2014 -- 4:48am

This is a real thing!! KFC in Louisville is selling them, but only 100 or them. For $20 you get the corsage and a gift card to go to KFC and select the proper chicken leg. Regular or extra crispy??!!  






WRNS Sign Police

Apr 13, 2014 -- 8:14am

We asked you to keep your eyes peeled for misspelled signs and take a picture of them. Send them to jim@wrns.com or Legends@wrns.com and be sure to tell us where you saw it!!!.


This was spotted in Beulaville


This is SUPPOSED to be DHCHS.. as in Conley.. DOH!!


Don't ya just HATE auto correct?



To see the BEST OF the WRNS sign police click HERE




Charlotte man dangling from cell tower rescued!!

Apr 11, 2014 -- 5:11am

Guy working about 150 feet above the ground on a cell tower in Charlotte found himself in trouble, his harness kept him from falling but he needed to be rescued. Watch the story.


WBTV 3 News, Weather, Sports, and Traffic for Charlotte, NC





SCREAMING GOATS..Game of Thrones version!!

Apr 11, 2014 -- 4:50am

Love Game Of Thrones? Love the screaming goats? You'll love the goats singing the theme from the show... G'head..it's funny





So bad it's AWESOME!!! This is real...

Apr 10, 2014 -- 5:18am

There was a convention in San Diego about social marketing. As part of that an awful song about social media made it's debut.. and it's awful. SO AWFUL it's going viral... and we didn't want you not to know about it!!






ADORABLE!! BatKid (save San Fran) throws out opening day 1st pitch.

Apr 09, 2014 -- 7:31am

Remember BatKid? He saved San Fransisco not long ago? He tossed out the opening day 1st pitch at the Giants game.. ADORABLE!!!






Reporter falls off boat during an interview.

Apr 09, 2014 -- 5:16am

It's from Holland so we really have no idea WHAT she is saying, but it doesn't matter. Funny is a universal language!!





13 Yr old plays Devil Went Down To Georgia with Charlie Daniels on stage....

Apr 09, 2014 -- 5:06am

How cool is THIS. Charlie Daniels invited a 13 yr old named Maggie to come on stage and play his iconic fiddle tune with him.. She can hold her own despite only being 13!!






What is that light on Mars?

Apr 09, 2014 -- 4:35am

The Mars Rover took a picture and on the horizen is a light!! OF COURSE IT MUST BE ALIENS!! That is what the ET crowd is yelling. Yep, ol' Grampa Martian left his front porch light on again. It should be noted that even though there are multiple pictures of the light taken on different days, they were all taken with the Sun in roughly the same position, so light reflecting off a rock is the most likely explanation. The most likely, and the LEAST FUN!


2 year olds terrifying first car wash!!

Apr 08, 2014 -- 5:22am

Simple things can be adorable. Here is a video of a 2 year olds first trip through the automatic car wash!!! Just adorable, although terrifying for her..





Runaway delivery truck...

Apr 08, 2014 -- 4:25am

Watch this twice... and the 2nd time, just watch the dogs! It's a classic "want to get away?" moment!!





Newer LONGER Godzilla trailer

Apr 07, 2014 -- 5:00am

Here is a LONGER and newer trailer for the upcoming GODZILLA movie!!






Nick Cannon (America's got Talent) Boo'd off the floor at Nicks Game

Apr 07, 2014 -- 4:56am

It was pretty simple, Nick (Mr Mariah Carey) goes out on the floor to shoot a simple thing for America's Got Talent.. New Yorkers would have NONE OF IT!! They Boo'd him...BADLY!!!









Baseball game ends when Intentional Walk goes horribly wrong!!!

Apr 07, 2014 -- 4:36am

This is the Ole Miss- Auburn baseball game. Just watch the ESPN highlight of the intentional walk!!!






Babies Taste Lemons for the 1st time...

Apr 07, 2014 -- 4:31am

Nothing cuter than little kids...making funny faces, like when you first give the a little slice of a LEMON!!!!





Kacey Musgraves stops by a Dierks Show....and a new act

Apr 06, 2014 -- 6:36pm

Dierks Bentley was playing at The Station Inn in Nasville. He latest DBTV shows Kacey Musgraves stopped by and a NEW ACT!! The Sandy Bottom Sisters..

They are Dierks 3 and 5 yr old daughters. They regaled the crowd with songs like Let It Go and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star!!  It's precious.





Alex Trebek gets NO RESPECT

Apr 04, 2014 -- 4:57am


Alex Trebek isn't getting the respect he used to. Watch this awkward exchange where a contestant nails Alex..


Then there was this with Amy Neinabor (who is a little scary). She appears to give Alex a chunk of her mind. (fast forward to

2:08 for the exchange.although the whole clip form The Soup is funny).

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/hvYxV5-4iFo" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>




Power tools from the garage make cooking easier!!!

Apr 03, 2014 -- 5:15am

Watch what this chef does with a power drill!!!






Best Man's speech turns into AWESOME surprise for Bride!!

Apr 03, 2014 -- 4:53am

The scariest part of any wedding is the speech by the Best Man. This one however is apparently best friends with the Bride..and has a surprise for her that is just awesome!!






Some great April Fools Jokes

Apr 02, 2014 -- 5:01am

Samual Adams HeliYUM beer!!


Jimmy Kimmel's April Fools Day challenge.


THIS is how you pack a suitcase!!! (or carry one)

Apr 01, 2014 -- 5:45am

What with airlines charging an arm, leg and first born to attempt to get you and your luggage to the same place and roughly the same time, more and more are just carrying on their luggage. BUT that does not mean you have to take LESS STUFF. You just have to learn to pack like this guy!!!




Luke Bryan.. What it meant to win Entertainer Of The Year

Mar 31, 2014 -- 9:00pm

Got a text from my friend Mike (Black Mike) Monaco who does videography and more for Luke Bryan. He had just put this together going to this years ACM's..  




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