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Who is it?

Dec 18, 2015 -- 5:58am

It's an 11 year old Taylor Swift. Her co star from Bye Bye Birdie posted this for TBT wondering if she's re create the pic with him

What To Do With Thanksgiving Leftovers? Make A LEFTOVER PIZZA!! Here's HOW

Nov 30, 2015 -- 4:38am

How to Make a Thanksgiving Leftover Pizza.....


Man Vs Machine! Car wash vs car wash mgr!!

Nov 11, 2015 -- 8:34pm

Okay, he COULD have been seriously hurt...But he wasn't so it's funny. His pressure hose got caught up in one of the brushes and it took him for a ride. Again, he's fine...AND an internet star!! Lets go for a ride with Pitstop Car Wash mgr. Josh Hood.



Like Disney? You'll LOVE this Halloween display...

Oct 28, 2015 -- 6:02pm

This is great!  I wonder if Mickey's lawyers will make them pull the plug?





Jack DID NOT eat a cup cake... He's SURE!!! LOL

Oct 20, 2015 -- 4:35am

Gotta love little kids, so innocent and sweet even when they are lying through their frosting covered teeth!!






Waterspout in Tampa destroys US Mail truck.. Mail everywhere!! (driver not hurt)

Oct 12, 2015 -- 6:06am

We know the kind of damage waterspouts can do when they come ashore, Carteret county STILL has some damage from that happening a couple years back. Over the weekend one came off Tampa Bay and hit a MAIL TRUCK on the Sunshine Parkway Bridge! The driver wasn't hurt, but if you were expecting some mail from Florida, there is a chance it's somewhere IN the bay!!






Happiest DUI mugshot EVER

Oct 06, 2015 -- 5:55am

I don't know that I'd be all smiles if I got busted for DUI, But inlike this guy, I'm not a CONSTABLE!!! Yep, In Miss. this guy, the Constable got popped for DUI.

Maybe because he knew the routine, and the people booking him? I 'm not sure but he is ALL SMILES!!





Picture from a listener with no uvula!!!

Sep 30, 2015 -- 7:49am

 Had it surgically removed along with her tonsils....

George Strait, his son Bubba and his Grandson pitch his new album in commercial.

Sep 30, 2015 -- 4:54am

The new George Strait album is a family affair, well selling it is anyway. George, his son and grandson (all in black cowboy hats) star in the commercial.






Life and marriage are like roller coasters, so why not propose on one?

Sep 29, 2015 -- 4:49am

Guy used a Go Pro cam and a roller coaster to get engaged...Just the beginning of his ups and downs!






TISSUE ALERT!!! Man sings to his dying wife...

Sep 22, 2015 -- 6:08am

This may be the sweetest thing you'll see in a LONG LONG TIME!!  He's 92, she's 93, blind and in hospice. Their Grandkids recorded this....


The "sexy" (?) Donald Trump Halloween Costume is here.....

Sep 22, 2015 -- 4:36am


Ummmm. If you want to dress like Donald Trump (and you're a women...Here is the costume that is being sold...Yep, $70.00. I think I've seen it all now!    http://www.yandy.com/?gclid=CP6P-P2eisgCFQiNaQodJUQKHg is where you get it...

MOST EPIC VEHICLE JUMP...(yes, including Dukes Of Hazard!)

Sep 10, 2015 -- 4:38am

Some guys i Alabama decided to do the ultimate "HEY, WATCH THIS" stunt by jumping a flaming SUV into a lake. You can clearly see the driver bailing out in mid air. DO NOT try this at home...


Dashcam captures strage accident as women exits car and lets it drive away by itself!

Sep 09, 2015 -- 4:50am

A women with a dashcam almost crashes into the car in front ot her when the driver slams on the brakes, then gets out of the car and starts walking while the car is still in gear! It crosses the median into oncoming traffice. The women was arrested shortly thereafter, she'd had a little to drink allegedly.





Radio Clue!!

Aug 31, 2015 -- 7:32am

Here's what you need to know for the Jason Aldean ticekts, passes to meet Tyler Farr and a Hotel room


Clue #1  Tyler Farr

Clue #2 With a candlestick



Kenny Chesney brings Girl with Down Syndrome on stage...Of course she steals the show!!

Aug 18, 2015 -- 4:47am

Kenny was in Jersey over the weekend when this happened. This is actually after she helped him sing I Go Back... Enjoy, it's very sweet





Ultimate Fighters VS US Marines...Who ya got?

Aug 18, 2015 -- 4:24am

Dana White and some folks from Ultimate Fighting went to Quanticoto see how they stacked up against Marines trained in Martial Arts....

Tyler Farr falls and busts his A##!!!!! Caution! He uses a bad word, cuz it REALLY hurt!!!

Aug 17, 2015 -- 4:48am

OUCH!!!  Watch that step there Tyler!






Luke Bryan playing Catchphrase on Jimmy Fallon

Aug 11, 2015 -- 5:33am

Luke was on promoting his new album and ended up in a game of Catchphrase...





Another great wedding "first dance."

Aug 10, 2015 -- 4:29am

They call it "the best first dance ever." Not sure how to qualify that since the internet has had MANY best first dances, and to my knowledge no one has actually kept score. That being said, it is pretty awesome! Enjoy






Kelly Clarkson covers Prince's Purple Rain..

Aug 07, 2015 -- 4:51am

Kelly covers Purple Rain in concert... Bonus points for doing it in Prince's hometown!!




Sneak peek at Carrie's new video (in Daisy Dukes a few months after having a baby)

Aug 05, 2015 -- 7:18pm

Here is a look at Carrie filming her new video. Wonder how much the boots cost?





Daily Dose of Cuteness.. Dog teaches puppy how to slide...

Aug 05, 2015 -- 4:35am

Watch closely Grasshopper!!!  This is too cute




Toby Keith's tribute the #nooga strong on stage this weekend. Including the Mom of a fallen Marine.

Aug 03, 2015 -- 6:14pm

Toby Keith makes a habit of bringin Service Members on stage. Over the weekend in Atlanta was special. Not only troops, but the mom of Lance Cpl Skip Wells who lost his life in Chattanoonga. Quite a moment!




Tim McGraw and band warm up backstage with Lynn Anderson's Rose Garden as a tribute

Aug 03, 2015 -- 4:52am

Tim McGraw heard the Lynn Anderson had passed away so he and his band used her biggest hit to warm up backstage. 





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