Can you just cancel and invasion? Um…YES!

The just called off the invasion! The annual Pirate Invasion in Beaufort. Just like that, no swashbuckling, no eye patches, no pillaging, no looting, no RUM!!  “Arrrghhh!” It’s not the end of Pirate Invasion, actually Beaufort is just taking 2017 off so they can double down for next year and the 300th Anniversary of Blackbeard.

So August 2018 will be huge but August 2017 in Beaufort will just be…August. It was fun just to people watch, or Pirate watch as it were. You could run into Pirates anywhere in Carteret County! We were at a hotel in Salter Path last year (friends came in to get married and I was officiating) and there walking off the beach, a fully dressed pirate. We took pics with him and of course now I can’t find them. Then I went to the courthouse to file the paper work and there was NO place to park.

While I’m sure next year will be a blowout (and REALLY hard to park!) maybe we can have some sort of spontaneous Pirate Invasion. An unsanctioned, unauthorized… Wait, technically a REAL Pirate Invasion IS unsanctioned and unauthorized, they are Pirates after all! It just won’t be the same, it was one of the rites of summer.

I know it was a big boost to the economy just like all the other fests around ENC. But Pirate Invasion had the costumes. So Ahoy Matey, we’ll see you back in 2018. Yaarrrggghhh.

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