Caddy Gets His Lincoln!

It’s been a month since I got the call from Hoovie that I won the 1993 Lincoln Town Car, and after a few transport snags, the car arrived late last night from Kansas! First challenge was getting it off the truck – the car sitting for so long drained the battery, but the hauler had jumper cables. One twist of the key and with some help from my Crown Vic the car sprang to life.

Being so late at night, I waited until this morning to take better pics. Here’s the car in all it’s glory.

I love the front end styling on this era Town Car – especially the Rolls Royce-esque grill.

The rear end is equally as beautiful, if a bit more conservative looking with right angles that were en vogue on luxury domestics at the time.

Look at that trunk! That’s what we call a 6 body trunk in Jersey – over 20 cubic feet of room for the finer things. Or random junk in my case.

Under the hood is clean as a whistle – a 4.6 Modular V8 resides between the shock towers, producing 210 HP and 275 lb·ft of torque, flowing thru a smooth shifting 4 speed AOD-E transmission.

But inside is the read fun – since this car is a Jack Nicklaus edition, it comes with green carpet and off white leather seats (the golf balls were extra). And luxo-barge add ons like auto dimming headlights, and a JBL Audio system with fuzzy speaker covers like this

The car also comes with “Golden Bear” badges on the exterior & interior

What now? Well it’s off to my mechanic Allan to get it ready for road trips and day to day use – the AC isn’t working, the parking lamps aren’t working, the rear air suspension could use new bags, and the radio isn’t working at all. But it’s a FREE car that starts, stops, and rides like a dream. So thank you to everyone who voted for me, and for Tyler Hoover for giving me the car – check out his YouTube channel here, where you can see videos of the car and the full story behind it.


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