Caddy Enters A Contest…For A Lincoln?!

Working in radio, there’s not too many contests I can enter and win. And there aren’t that many that I want to win – Powerball aside. But when a YouTuber I subscribe to decided to give away a 1993 Lincoln Town Car…I figured “why not?” and entered! Why try to win a 23 year old car? Well, I’m a sucker for big American luxo barges – I have the 1996 Cadillac Fleetwood, a 98 Crown Vic, and I have owned 3 other big Caddy’s (my first car was a 1984 Cadillac Sedan deVille – pimped out vinyl roof and all!). So I have an addiction to these land yachts of old. Plus if I can grab the Town Car, my stepdaughter gets the Vic as her car and I can take the Caddy off the road to give it some more TLC.

But the other reason is more personal Рmy Dad had a 1993 Town Car (a Signature series trim rather than this special Jack Nickalus edition). His Town Car was the first car I can clearly remember as a kid, with bordello red leather, acres of fake wood trim inside Рand air conditioning that would make a penguin feel at home. Many afternoons were spent working on the car, including fixing the air bag suspension in the rear (his temporary fix after the air pump burnt out was installing a tire valve and refilling it at gas stations)  and rebuilding the fuse box under the hood when it caught fire and melted (other Dad trick Рusing paper clips to replace the relays just to get the car home). When Tropical Storm Allison rolled thru Houston in 2001, the car was flooded and sent off to the junkyard with the interior being ruined.

So when I see Town Cars of this vintage, they instantly bring back warm memories spent with Dad riding around or under the hood keeping it going. So here’s hoping I win! If I do win, I promise to dress like Rodney Dangerfield in “Caddyshack” when I get the car – and see if Hoovie is up to racing against the Fleetwood with it. We can call it the Geezer 500!

PS: I’d appreciate your vote if the video made you laugh. If you thought I stunk, that’s cool too.


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