Caddy Cuts The Cord

So I read an article today that 1.7 million people “cut the cord” in 2016 – and I’m one of them. What’s cord cutting? Getting rid of cable TV, and just going with Internet, phone and an old fashioned antenna to get local TV stations (NBC, CBS, ABC, Fox, etc).

This is something I have wanted to do for a long time, as the cable bill at  the house kept creeping up while we were only watching a few channels, with most of our usage coming from Hulu, Netflix, and personal collection of TV & movies on a home media server. The final straw was when I tried to get the promotional rate back, and they refused to budge on anything. The other people in my house agreed to ditch cable, so long as three networks could be streamed – AMC, Cartoon Network, and Comedy Central. After researching a few different services (SlingTV, PlaystationVue, and Kodi), I decided on  SlingTV. With the middle tier of service at $25/month, I get those 3 networks plus some others that we all watch on occasion. Up to 3 people can watch at the same time on any device – which is helpful since all the TV’s in the house have Roku’s, or the kids have their tablets.We kept our Internet service thru the cable company, but dropped the speed back to the middle tier of 200 mbps down and 20 up (in reality, we rarely see speeds that high during the daytime). So far there haven’t been any issues with buffering, even with everyone home using the service.

Now, SlingTV has us covered for cable networks, but what about the local channels? Saturday Night Live is a must watch, as well as local news and weather. Thankfully, I have a indoor TV antenna I bought for $10, affectionately called “rabbit ears.”

They kind of look like this, and using an amplifier I am able to get almost all of the local channels – my next purchase is a more powerful attic antenna (called a Yagi) to pull in the local CBS affiliate. And unlike before when I had cable, I get classic TV networks like MeTV, AntennaTV and Decades – all for FREE! To find out what TV stations you can receive, and what kind of antenna you will need, go to, punch in your address, and see what you can receive over the air at your location.

Aside from the new antenna, next is a TiVo so I can record all the new shows I have access to – Perry Mason comes on at 11:30, and I should be sleeping by then. Happy watching!