Are there too many rules?


For someone who uses the language to make a living I never did well in English class, except for creative writing. But I did learn a decent vocabulary, but apparently not good enough for at least one professor.

A student at Northern Arizona was docked a point because she used the word “mankind” in a paper. The professor informed here that “I would be negligent, as a professor who is running a class about the human condition and the assumptions we make about being ‘human,’ if I did not also raise this issue of gendered language and ask my students to respect the need for gender-neutral language.”

Huh? A quick look at the dictionary says the word goes back to the 13th century but nothing about an expiration date. I suppose “humankind” is also suitable but it’s harder to say, 1 more syllable.  Frankly I don’t think the WWE would have been quite the same if Mick Foley had been forced to call himself Humankind. (I could go on with other examples like humanhole instead of manhole, humanequin instead of mannequin but I won’t)

You are now charged with remembering this summer when it’s sweltering hot and really sticky, you can not say “Man, I’m hot ‘n thirtsy!”  Stop yourself.


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